made it on thru to the other side

... just as I was lamenting the choppy spirit air, whooosh, the
good airs have come back in

... it happened yesterday afternoon,

... suddenly it felt like days of minor hassles and general bad luck,
had suddenly had their weights lifted off of my shoulders,
... a lighter fresher air blew
... yesterday, dangerous morbid music was playing, today victorious music,
... when I turned the radio on, Beathoven's Ode to Joy was playing

... I wonder what causes that synchronicity?

... is it atmospheric pressure?, or some astrological shift?,

... or is it the bad orgone days?, where the life energy just seems low
and the world hits you with metaphorical mountains to climb

... anyways, today seems much better, I got my own virgin firefox to compile
for me, after much hassle ( ;-) ), and even got the Browse Server button
to work in CKEditor of drupal... things are running as they should....smooth

... I wonder if it was caused by eating too much fruit?... or is it bad orgone?,
or the gods testing our strengths?... or maybe the 4 cans of ghetto beer I drank
last weekend?

... yeah, I'm still on the path to find happiness :-)

... thank you, Krsna, Rama, and the goddess of earth for pulling me thru
the psychic storms


2010 by zentara