the saber tooth tiger

...i heard the story on the radio the other day, about
the killing power of the sabre tooth tiger

... they are like animal versions of Jacki Chan

... perfectly balanced but with bone crushing power

... of all the things on earth that inspired awe in me,
the beautiful sabre tooth tiger ranks high

... they go very early in the transition from wild nature
to a civilized planet

... they need such a big wild area, and in any event, farmers
would kill them all to protect livestock
... so they go when farmers move in

i wonder if anyone has ever had a pet sabre tooth?

... cats are so smooth... and I learned the meaning of
"you can't catch a cat" today as I tried to grab a video
of the black cat strolling thru a transisiton from bright
georgia sunlight, to shade

.... I was in such a hurry to grab the video camera, that
the smoothly strolling cat was GONE before I could get the camera
rolling... i couldn't catch that black cat

... I bet the black cat would win in a confrontation with a sabre tooth,
by escaping with quickness, and gaining another day


2010 by zentara