the good die young ... or do they?

Since I feel the reality and unavoidability of death,
as I accumulate years,
I ask my self the question:
do the good die young?
and why?
what is young anyways?

I now seek enlightenment as to what is goodness?

I believe the goddess is the accumulation of all goodness,
is that correct, or a spelling error? ;-)

So, can I consider that I, at near 60, am still young enough
to die an innocent, or does it mean that since I made it to 60,
that I'm a slightly evil guy.... who makes deals with the devil
to stay alive just one more day? Hoping to make it to the really
evil centurian level... 100 years

are not we all just bargaining for 1 more day?

each of us, just hoping to get more time, another day, on the
beautiful water planet


2010 by zentara