settling in to the new reality

Well, I know I'm starting to feel like home in my new
camp. How? Because now I'm considering what death would
be like here.
I know it sounds morbid, but home is where you want to be
when you die.... at least if you had at least one good home
in your memories

The full moon passed last night... I do believe in the mystical
effects of the full moon on earth's animals... I feel it, I felt it,
and I can count on feeling it again in about 29 days.

Sometimes I feel great...on top of the world.
Other times, I feel like death is only a few moments away.

Always live as if it is your last day.

Today, is sort of the first day, on which I feel in-sync with
the goddess, since I was born into a new life, sort of a
jet-lag for hobo's.... where your ideosynchnotron ;-) (I got a
patent on it) :-) comes into the synchronization with nature
of your local area... like feeling the pulse of the goddess, as
it flows thru this world

So the new reality, is the same old reality, just with different

If this is my last day, what am I doing wasting time writing this? :-)


2010 by zentara