what to do, what to do

... been wrestling with the recent claim by noted
speaker Deepak Chopra, that a mental error by him,
caused the recent Easter weekend earthquake in the
northern baha.

... the general conventional thinking is " what a bizarre ego".

... but I am in a quandry, because I got hip thinking,
and I think I do believe him.

... but then, what does that mean for our entire view of reality?

... can a person be right at the leading edge of the Time wave,
so that they can actually control events by their concious thought
processes alone? Isn't that the territory of the gods and angels?

... the question becomes: did he actually cause the event, or
was he just the first human to conciously perceive it coming,
just an observer, who happens to be there while in a state
of anger or some other unhealthy emotion, for which he later felt quilt

... its kind of like he is feeling something similar to
judeo-christian sexual guilt, where people feel guilty
over everything they think or do ( a special personal thanks goes
to Sister Mary Immaculata the Invinciple for that )

... I feel good that doctors are finally telling
boys that whacking off is actually good for them,
as it helps prevent prostate problems... what would
the good Sister say if she was around today?

... oh yeah, back to causing earthquakes.....
... everyone knows that is caused by whacking off, right Sister Mary?

... I do think, like cats, some humans can have a precognitive
recognition of incoming quakes.... I've experienced it myself
... cats will detect it around 5 minutes before thru subtle low frequency waves
and will start jumping thru screen doors to get outside
... humans tend to pickup an eerie feeling about a half hour before

... so Deepak may have felt the ethereal vibrations, got the willys from it,
and got it confused with another thought process,
then started to feel typical guilt, because that is the way guilt works
... you end up blaming yourself for everything

... but in his defence, I have experienced similar things, deja vu like in qualities
... I usually hear on the news about some disaster, somewhere in the world, on days
when I wake up, wide awake in the middle of the night and can't sleep
... I think I feel the intensity of the emotion of it all, and know that
something big just occurred, like souls screaming out in thought space,
you can't sleep when it happens
... or the sleeplessness one experiences on full moons, weird stuff

... is it a subtle frequency change, like at a frequency so low,
that only our physical organs can detect the subtle change in various

... but you have to have some doubt,
so the good question is the validity of precognitive perceptions,
as we are bombarded by a media blitz everyday, which forces
into the mind, a whole bunch of notions designed to make you
think one way or another about certain things, like this or that
... and that confuses you to the real zen of the moment

... if valid, the real question is the mechanism... what sort of tachyonic
space allows signals to be sent back thru time, faster than the
speed of light?... or is it faster?... maybe there is some sort
of simultanaeity going on between past, present, and future?

... I call it the realm of the Higgs Bozo, the Cosmic Clown, the god of luck

... so it seems the future is the sum total of all projected wishfull outcomes,
adjusted for individual karmas by the gods, actually implemented by the Bozo,
and we experience it in wonderful 4-D

... when it gets to what finally happens, I believe the gods
control that right down to the finest time period which humans
can concieve of, and an angel precedes each of us, sort of like
St. Augustine said, many years ago.

... I wonder what delights and dangers I will face today as I cruise the world on my bicycle?
... and why?.... and what will the karmic outcomes be?


2010 by zentara