surfing in space-time again

.... didn't sleep much last night, but feel really energized

... sort of broke on thru to the other side of dissappointment
into happiness

... got the cat moves back, and realized, once again,
that I was surfing, once more, on the big cosmic wave thru spacetime

... each move you make is a delicately counter-balanced
rotation around a stationary center of gravity point in your

... if the body learns to balance, it becomes more effortless to
make actions as we wizz thru spacetime, at probably 30,000 miles per hour

... riding that timewave, sometimes big rollers, sometimes breakers
... sometimes they are so big, you need to nose dive under them, just to survive

... yeah, add the speed of the rotation of the earth, to it's orbital speed
around the sun, add that to the sun's motion thru the milky way, and the
milky way's connections to the supergalaxy... onward to what we see
as a giant cloud of matter, in which we exist, or think we do.

... why 30,000? ... well, we are only beginning to guess at what the
true reference frame is for us in the multidimensional universe, but
like I said, if you add up the known velocities which exist at our
current level of understanding

... the rotation of the earth alone, has us looping at around 1000 miles per hour

... at 30,000 we encounter very small time snippets, which seem
instantaneous to the human senses

... but the human senses are what count, arn't they

... listening to 16 beats to the bar music helps to keep the old
spacetime receptors working properly

... I like cat moves better than strength moves :-)
... yoda beats the wookie any day :-)

... the lyrics on the radio as I turned it on was
"I will lay down my sword and shield and lay by your side"

... getting that psychic feeling again....


2010 by zentara