the zen of suzanne

... we all know a suzanne in our lives
... even if she is real or purely imaginary

... she who channels the gods and goddesses
of this world, so they can temporarily incarnate on earth

... making odd choices, made on the basis of
some out-of-this-world reality, its spooky when
the event magic happens, things seem to stand still
and time is temporarily frozen

... one who stands at the door to vahalla, but still
has a footprint on earth

... someone who can channel back in time, and
sends the magic of heaven back into your life
... someone who helps you breathe easy, in the more
rarified air of a magical reality

... magic in REALTIME, and whose treasure seems to
lay beyond this mundane world of ours

... then again, it just could be the pheronomes affecting
my mind... what a market for that kind of pheronome
... but honestly, I don't believe it can be put in a bottle,
because you can't get the same magic thru the tv set,
you need to be near the heartbeat of suzanne, to feel
her magic

... but the world is such a lonely place for me now,
and I need to touch her perfect body, with more than
my mind, before I leave the earthzone

.... so I get suzanne, believe me, I believe
... I pray to the gods everyday to bring more suzanne into my life

... so thank you Mr. Cohen for putting her into audio form
so suzanne can enter me thru my auditory canal


2010 by zentara