40 acres and a mule

... its that time of the year

... I feel like getting out and plowing some acres
with a mule

... its time to get the eaarth ready for this years
summer cycle

... since I'm a suburb raised peon, I have no fields
to plow, but riding my heavy duty bicycle around does
give about the same stimulation

... I am sitting outside more, and what a difference
it makes.... I really believe outside living is much

... in any event, I better get used to it, since I may
have to resume life as a hobo

... hammocks and large insect nets is the cheapest way to go

... I have to say that the el nino weather coming in here
to the upper midwest, is fantastic
... the summer promises to be dry but sunny and breezy...perfect

... spring fever is in the air, and residual pheronomes have
me daydreaming about the last kiss on the lips I had from
a beautiful female... as she walked away, she looked back
and caught me staring, to which I instinctively reacted with
a psychic finger tip salute
... thank you forever for that, soul sister
... a crumb like that, means alot to a love starved man

... ah, back to exercising, got to lose 40 lbs
... sitting around plowing these 40 gigs, dosn't quite bring
the same vitality as plowing 40 acres


2010 by zentara