parallel lines

... like 2 jet contrails high above, laying down
precise lines that travel together, yet never touching,
except way over the horizon... in a bizarre optical illusion
due to the curve of space-time

... like 2 entities sharing the same dream, and precisely
aligning themselves in that direction, guided by the stars themselves

... sharing the same dream is so cool, it makes you feel
the prescense of others, who like yourself, are grasping for
contact with intelligent life in this world

... there is only one drawback to being in a set of parallels,
they can never touch, without completely violating all laws
of reason
.... so we need some good intersections in our lives

... intersections are the lines coming in at an angle, and those
angles provide the touch, the change and creativity needed to make life
interesting.... bringing magic

... they let the parallel lines have interaction
with the cosmos in which they exist

... the problem with intersections is they can come in at
many different angles, and it is up to you to figure out what
those angles are, if it is a pleasant angle, and if the angles are changing

... so smile and wish your next intersection a good day
... and may the angles made, be angles well laid


Remember the basic lovelight equation:

the integral of e to the x, equals f of u to the n

  /  x         n
  | e  = f(u)

.... there is only one, yet many solutions, how can that be?
... name the solution and explain why it is what it is. :-)


2010 by zentara