I feel a down coming

... party is over, it ain't fun coming down
... all to do is mull over what occurred, and switch
my mind to something more productive like being able
to prove the Pythagorean Theorem.

... the ancient Greeks said you were not considered educated
unless you could prove the Pythag Theorem, right there on the back
of a bar napkin

... I had the chance, but I couldn't do it ... but I knew the result
... A squared plus B squared equals C squared, but only in a right triangle
... take the square root of both sides, and presto
... C equals the square root of A squared plus B squared

... its some original genius math from way back when, when men were just concerned
with things like laying out mathematically provable land boundaries

... as consolation prize, I did remember the quadratric equation,
negative B equals the square root of B squared minus 4AC all over 2A

... great!... I felt on top again, but then I realized that I almost
forgot what it was the the solution for!... dumb ego

... territories.... having territories... having boundaries, that is where
the new math is exciting, but it still is mapping out boundaries

... laws of form to map out new worlds, new dimensions, new infinite dimensional sets,
defined and well behaved, to just clearly mark all event sequences, statistically
analyze them, see if there are signals are being sent asynchronistically
thru thought space... the conciousnesses of ourselves

... why do this?

... So that we can gain a third eye to the cosmos, possibly send messages somewhere

... I wonder if something like the LHC, could actually be used to send something
like MORSE code, store all results, and see if some of the patterns are spread
over Time.... undetectable by our single TimeLine instrumentation

... maybe CrossLine Statistical Analysis of TimeLine Event Sequences?
... like trying to mathematically quantify Jung's synchronicity
... then study the patterns one observes

... thats where we will find the equation of life

... oops, there I go, already starting to forget the lovelights I just felt,
... mission accomplished
... don't worry, the pilot light is still reliably on, ready for the next time
we can turn up the heat

... I believe Einstein once said: that depression is the wellspring
of inspiration

... meaning that when in a depressed state the mind slows down to a point
where you can see the truth more clearly... the mind is less cluttered

... so although the depressions seem such a suicidal drag, they are
meant to show you the truth, and that makes the next high all the more sweet,

... if you make it thru, that is
... like the old Morrison lyric... break on thru to the other side

... the other side of WHAT? ... the other side of the incoming Time Wave

... thats WHAT!


2010 by zentara