what an Easter?

... I definitely felt the rise of Jesus

... i really felt the true energy of heaven

... the psychic energy wave was a particularly large giant,
but it was such a smooth roller, and such a nice set of sunny days,
that it just was good
... I was going to take the ride, one way or another, I was all in

... luck was just in the air I breathed
... the weather was perfect,
it even rained at night, leaving the mornings sunny and clean

... the matrix equation was set:
(%magic_on = 1; %sub_nano_second_on = 1);

... you know, like one of times when you were young
and so excited to be with a houseful of family,
that you couldn't sleep, because you had a chance
to be together

... I only slept 1 hour in 40, thats a 3.9 at the
Party Olympic's judging table ;-)
... learning that I sometimes would rather lay awake
to silently contemplate the love and happiness of another person
than to sleep and freely dream

... I obtained personal proof that bus mechanics
can be directly connected to the good angels

... and remembered that the Pythagorian Theorem was
originally solved for surveying purposes,
for keeping track of plots of land

... I saw faces change shape,
heard tales of curacau cannibalism,
saw a person with shark eyes,
and many synchronistic event patterns
which reinforce my belief in a more
mysterious reality, than we humans can fathom
... the ying yang of it all was just manifesting before my very eyes

... I learned the lesson that its not worth anything,
unless it is given for free

... and that all thoughts and deeds are
ultimately reflected back to the source

... I relearned the lesson that one man's poison
can be another man's cure
... and I tasted something in my mouth
that I hadn't tasted in a long time
... that clean saline with the fragrance of flowers
... the pheronomes
... you can taste it with your nose

... I must finish by thanking the champagne goddess
... champange is indeed the nectar of the gods
and it makes a good tonic with some blueberrys in it

P.S. I learned something practical too:
that you should not look at monkeys in the eyes
when washing their monkey-butts.... :-)


2010 by zentara