the revolution will be televised

... a small militia group in my homestate just got taken down
by the fbi, for plotting harmful acts

... it makes me wonder what the concept of revolution is all about?

... mcCluen had the idea right, but it was the time span
that was the impediment to observing the revolution, not
the media

... everyday, a different piece of the revolution gets televised,
but it takes a longterm detached observer, to see the pattern
in the changes

... the real revolution comes from changes in our collective
perceptions of reality... where society comes to point of
everyone being classless

... not to be confused with having no class, but the concept
that we are all here being judged by God, without consideration
of wealth or status

... the real problem encountered, is that humans instinctively
like the concept of having a leader, a king, a village chief

... it allows them to feel that someone is watching the bigger
picture for them, and thus freeing their individual minds to think
about more frivolous things, like tv shows

... and in modern city-states, an educated manager is needed

... the problem with this setup, is that if the village chiefs
all become corrupt, and start doing things which are not in the best intrests
of the people, then it gets bad

... is it bad in the US yet?, no way

... you will know it is bad, when you start seeing mother's and
small children marching in the streets, demanding justice

... or worse, living in tents under bridges

... having peace and tranquility on the public streets
is a neccesity for a happy life, and its definitely
one of those situations where you don't know what you got till its gone ... ask any combat veteran

... you just have to be able to sleep at night,
without the threat of bullets and explosives flying into the area
... it's just that simple

... because without sleep, one can never be happy


2010 by zentara