wow, we lost radio

... i built my own ham radio when i was a kid, so this
really fascinates me

... now the kids build cosmic radios :-)

... on's website today, was a story
about a giant recent sunspot, knocking out all long distance
shortwave radio for about 1 minute
... it was the big one they were waiting to catch

... it was caused by a pure stream of electrons of various
energy bands, blasted out from the sun

... we on the ground are generally protected, by a big electric umbrella,
but the upper atmosphere gets charge hammered, like a big
cosmic spark has flew thru space-time from the sun to earth
and onward
... like the planets needed a charge adjustment, to reset
equilibrium ...maybe it helps the magnetic core retain charge?
... to keep the electric umbrella up and strong

... anyways, now they sell kits for you, at home to
listen to the spaceweather

... google for Radio Jove Project

... the question which really fascinates me, is wondering
whether information is encoded into those bursts?... some sort
of phase or frequency shift modulation

... it would probably correspond to the sounds of humpback whales
communicating, if my anthropomorphism is valid

... i can just see the next great discovery to propel
mankind forward, will be made by some teenager who notices
something odd coming out of the $200 dollar homemade
cosmic energy collector

... as i raise my hand to ask the master....
... and thinking about the cosmic energy fields,
the large hadron collider is set to resume today, at
which i wonder the obvious....

... how can they be sure stuff breaks up into the same type
parts that was used to create it?

... might not it be designed to disintegrate into time itself?
... like where all the dark matter of the universe supposedly is?
... or possibly revert to curly-q's, like springs of energy come unset?
... to be cleaned up later by the Higg's Bozo's Cleaning Company?
... like stephen king's langoliers? ... shipping it off to white holes for recycling?

... when i was a kid, with my shortwave, i thought that was pretty
good just to get the 5 and 10 meter waves

... but now, to pick up million meter waves, its a whole new reality

... surfing waves, is still the sport of the gods

... mere mortals like us, have to learn to hold our breathe
and dive under the big ones, before the breakers crash

... the genious of the design of the way this world works in our
daily lives, is testament to the intelligence of the Creator, so that
we all should be very very humble before IT

... like a dog with our tails between our legs, because the
angels of the world, can crush us anytime they want

... we should be glad they tend to like us


2010 by zentara