michigan summers

... i was born here in michigan, not as a farmboy, nor as a indigenous,
but as the son of a factory worker, living on the outskirts of the city

... i only dreamed of outdoor life vicariously, thru tv shows and books
like White Fang

... but early on, my dad took us camping, back when it was rustic
and cheap, and i got a good dose of michigan's outdoor beauty

... when you camp in a tent, their is only one thing on your mind,
.... the weather ....

... i always took the weather around here for granted, i never knew anything else,
but after much travel, i've come to value the weather moderating properties
of the Great Lakes in michigan

... the el nino summers here are near perfect, and we are
in el nino times right now

... just the beauty of water, fresh air, trees, campfires,
sleeping under the milky way
... things which seem to be disappearing from the world
... michigan was prime indigenous indian country, for good reasons

... my best memories....
... the sand dunes of Lake Michigan
... Petosky, Charlevoix, Jordan River, Mackinac, East Tawas,
... the wolve sanctuary in the national park on Isle Royale
... Wilderness State Park, and Lake of the Clouds
... the old copper mines in the upper peninsula
... rock hopping on the boulder strewn shores of Lake Superior
... floating on inner tubes, drinking beer, all day on inland lakes and rivers
... body surfing the big waves on Lake Michigan
... being swept away in the current while seining for smelt
... the smelt fish fry fridays, popular at all the churchs back then
... just picked unhusked sweet corn roasted over campfires

... modern times have come too, leaving the old state glory in the past
... most of the giant trees are gone, and the last wolverine,
the state animal, sadly has died

... but have no fear, there still are wild wolverines further
up north of Lake Superior in canada
... but the bugs are bad up there, as well as colder windier weather

... and wolverines will rip your tent apart looking for food,
so maybe you don't want to seek them out

... so although no longer purely wild, michigan is safer

... and michigan was built by the Big 3, back in the hey day
of production, so michigan is very friendly toward RV's and campers,
with decent roads and services

... i have to admit that winters are better in a place like arizona, or
texas, but summers are better here in the north, around the water and campfires


2010 by zentara