facing the weather

... most indigenous peoples just plain believed that the
weather is alive ... the wind, tornados, rain, hurricances, typhoons

... now what if that is really the case?

... what if in the 11-dimensional space, which
is the base vector set of the material world,
strange concious energies of different dimensional
status exist?

... like awesome demigods of sorts... what would their purpose be?

... huge creatures whose sustinence is gained by devouring mass quantities of souls,

... or possibly is all our global warming karma going out into 11 space,
and returning to us as destruction in our 3 space weather?

... like giant blobs of energy in dimensions 9,10, and 11, unseen to
our eyes, yet fully a constituent part of our very nature

... like cyclones in sub nuclear space

... I was meditating on the various incarnations of the spirit
which IS the cosmos

... I find the difference between KRSNA and VSNU to be compelling
... VSNU controls the material world, whereas KRSNA is off in those
higher planes, probably of infinite dimensional status

... very similar in concept to the catholic concept of the TRINITY

... I think I must be channeling thoughts from these entities,
or else its my puny attempt to make pure cosmic sense out of
this freaked out modern world

... I know now, THEY are trying to save me, but the message is scary

... I'm adrift, lost in the great material ocean, and THEY are throwing
me a soul preserver

... I was shown today, that our solar system, and even our galactic
cluster, go thru summer and winter cycles

... there are times when conciousness is high, and times bringing the corresponding low
... its all a big sine wave

... the Gods like to joke that our base10 number system is ingenious, but base10000 is better


2010 by zentara