outside and loving it

... been some great early el nino weather coming in thru michigan lately

... the jet stream seems to be right over us, and i see many high altitude
jets, taking advantage of that stream, leaving giant contrails, which dissolve
into jungian symbols of all sorts, as the great winged birds of man traverse east and west

... i wonder if those jungian symbols reflect the lives of the people on those planes?
... heh, what else you going to think of, to pass away the boring hours?

... it's been very nice to sit outside in the sun, expose as
much of myself as is decently possible, and soak up the natural vitamin d

... the free infrared heat when standing next to a south facing brick wall
is also a relief from the bone chilling cold of my unheated cement floor

... don't get me wrong... i love my unheated cement cellar floor, i wouldn't
want it any other way ... never complain about a good thing

... i've lived in dirt floor tents, and know the value of a simple
cement floor :-)

... but they do seem to suck the heat out of you, during these cold northern winters,
... a fact which is helpful in a zen way, if you are on a certain path

... an idea pops to mind, about the value of sitting outside, and
how to inexpensively enhance the pleasure?... how about a portable solar gazebo?

... like the summer screenhouse gazebos,
but having tempered glass instead of insect screens
and clear roofs

... sort of a solar tent ... a place to warm yourself for free from the sun?

... maybe a version with UV protective plastic glass
... large enough to hold a picnic table or 2
... like a plexiglass bus stop, with a door
... possibly a bonus addon, to my line of hobo dreamhouses :-)

... i love sleeping outside
.... the kitchen, bathrooms, etc. inside are good, but
sleeping should be outside in my book ... of course, in safe places
... sleeping outside tunes you in to the true world occurring around you
... hows the humidity..the wind...are animals active and engines roaring?
... and just breathing the fresh outdoor air all night is fantastic
... dreams are far better outside

... of course, it's miserable in the cold damp dew soaked morning unless
you have a warm indoor kitchen to sit in, drink coffee and get calories into you

... oh, well back to reality....

... the birds are making a real resurgence in our area near the parks,
much of which has been turn into wildlife bird sanctuaries,

... i think it was a move to save on field mowing costs by the broke
city of detroit, but it has worked out well for bird lovers

... the city of detroit, and it' immediate suburbs, sit in what
was once prime indian country.... the rouge river valley
... easy winters, few tornados, game, water, fish, good soil for corn

... so the birds know its good around here

... the indian legends say that the tornados avoid the big bend in the river
... and where the rouge valley sits, is one of the world's most gigantic bends
in the flow of waters, where southern Lake Huron bends flow east to Lake Erie

... of course, big bends in the waters also come with a risk of major
flooding every 1000 years or so,

... but its been great lately


2010 by zentara