love of the material world

... how much do you really love the material world?

... I mean, considering all the pain, suffering, exctasy, and joy
that you've gone thru in your life, how does it balance out?

... would you really want to go thru it again?
... possibly at a completely different position in life?
... do you still have desire for the pleasures of earth?

... I'm digging it so far, as a survivalist challenge,
but I wouldn't want to chance it again
.... I seem to enjoy the experience of the 3d world,
but knowing what I know now, about the soul, I wouldn't chance
it again

... I would select to be with Krisha( or equivalent cosmic notion),
in the non-material universe

... I must publically thank the founder of the Hare Krishnas, Prabupada,
for eloquently putting the vedic concept of soul, into plain english,
which the modern mind, such as mind, can understand.

... It is so obvious now, within our understanding of matrix vector spaces
and sub sub nuclear physics, that we live in a world of hidden

.... scientists currently suppose around 11 dimensions
to our material world

... but how many dimensions are there in the true cosmos...which
is ALL, both material and non-material dimensions?

... wouldn't it be wise to go to a non-material world of a higher dimensional nature,
a world of existence based just on pure conciousness?... united
with the highest conciousness possible?

... that is the true Holy Grail


2010 by zentara