the nitty gritty details of the new privatized health care

... ok, since it appears we soon will be asked by law to
buy health coverage for ourselves, what are the details?

... being forced to buy from private corporations, instead
of it being automatically tacked onto payroll tax deductions or
higher self-employment taxes, means free market pricing should
come into play

... if our bodies are now to be considered like motor vehicles, what would basic coverage cost?
... i mean just your basic no-fault coverage for emergency room visits,
what would that cost?
... will people need to buy pre-birth coverage for their unborn children?

... i believe in natural healing thru diet and meditations,
and i don't want coverage for any medical procedures, other
than to patch me up in case of an accident or attack of some kind,
like if a text messaging HMO executive, high on anti-depressants,
runs me over while i'm riding my bicycle on a public road?

... based on the fact that i avoid emergency rooms like they
are the plague, i'm a very low risk.... the last time i ever
went, was when the police took me, after a motorist carelessly hit me on a bicycle, 30 years ago
.... they gave me 5 unneccessary stitches... but there is no scar,
so no complaint

... so what is emergency-room-only coverage worth?
... what deductible?... maybe $10 per month with a $250 deductible?

... it also brings up other related constitutional issues, like will transport
companies be able to deny boarding to people without healthcare cards,
just in case there is an accident?

... and what about people who just plain want to die?
... like the Suicide Parlors in the movie Soylent Green?
... how much for just Death-Hospice Coverage?... just a place to camp till you die?
... what rights do individuals have, to prevent their lives from
being torturously prolonged, in flourescently lit wheelchair gulags?

... the government forcing citizens to buy insurance on their
own bodies, from private corporations, is constitutionally boggling

... for me, an unemployed hobo zen monk,
the best hope would be for non-profits to startup,
offering the very lowest legal coverage, like $5 per month, for emergency
room only visits resulting from accidents .... why should i have to buy potential medical services,
which my religious beliefs prevent me from using?


2010 by zentara