health care's evolution

... i feel good for Obama

... but my mind now confronts the interaction of
health care, the constitution, and principles of human rights

... it always seems to come down to the conflict between the Pharoah
and Moses

... on the one hand, the pharoah says you are the property of the state
... on the other, moses says we are free, we each own our own individual bodies

... in the real world, people trying to control other people's bodies, is happening
all the time... sexual slavery, real slavery, psychological slavery

... so, it is quite conceivable that the much fan-fared public health
care bill could eventually evolve into a Max_Head_Room beauracracy
of people buying and selling body parts .... and we ordinary citizens
are forced into it by the fine print on the free insurance form, whereby you
give up all rights to your tissues and fluids, to the corporation
who is keeping you healthy

... it is not that far fetched

... cadaver body parts pilfering is going on everywhere, and is underreported
... in some places, prisoners are executed to sell as body parts
... i just saw a tv commercial, about a movie depicting the life of a body parts repo man
... it makes me shudder

... so with all the emphasis on organ and tissue transplants going on
these days, how long will it be before the poor and downtrodden,
will be offered the premium grade health insurance, giving them the
anti-cancer treatments and advanced scanning diagnosis, etc. etc
... all at the cost giving up one or more body parts, while alive or dead?

... so then you won't own your body anymore.... you may be required
to surrender all your organs at death, to pay for your health care
during your life

... it is so insidious too.... because if you have kids, or are under other
economic duress, one would feel compelled to sell your body parts or fluids,
as part of some health care contract

... so, there it is.... the real constitutional question
... will public health care eventually and predictably, evolve
into a cradle-2-grave system of state ownership of your body?

... why would i worry over this?

... 1. people will start being murdered for their organs
and with the corruption in government, possibly no one will be prosecuted

... 2. if the state gets legal ownership over your bodies,
even if thru legal fine print under economic duress,
slavery will have been re-established as an intrinsic part
of the socio-economic order

... the new king tut will arrive in the form of a giant
international mega-corporation, who owns all our health care contracts

... the old chinese had a novel solution to this: they paid doctors, or
today would be HMO's, to keep people healthy
... they would get say $500 per year, for each worker they kept healthy,
... as long as the person was healthy, the doctor got paid
... the doctor would be required to treat unhealthy people, at their
own cost.... so the constant impetus would be toward preventative
health care, good diet, etc

.... that way doctors make money off of health, rather than sickness

... the way it is setup now, money making comes from treating sickness,
so it is inevitable that lots of people get sick


2010 by zentara