a soulful sunday

... did you ever think we may be reaching the point in
our technology, that we may actually pose a threat to
the gods?

... and that they may one day, materialize out of nowhere,
and just knock us all back to the stone age, or worse?

... eventually as we stumble into the deep dimensional properties
of the cosmos, might we accidently disturb the peace and serenity
of the existences of the gods?
...., then they will have to deal with ours

... or is it that God is this all benevolent creature... who
will just let us do whatever greed tells us to do? ... watching
humans from a far-away dimension, and trying to encourage us all
to hang in there

... sunday is a good day to think about stuff like that

... like how would the gods really deal with the hot-potato
political situation facing the world? .... was Moses or TuT
to be declared the ultimate true righteous party?... the whole world
depends on it .... or so it seems

... i do remember an archeological news report from 40 years ago,
in which a respected archeologist said there is a giant circular
spot covering a large area in the mideast, where without an impact
crater, a thin circle of an unknown black residue was deposited a few
hundred thousand years ago... like a giant bomb, of unknown type, went off way back when

... they concluded it is just unexplained data
... but was it the end of a civilization?

... that made me think of the idea of copper tools, correlated with the fact that big chunks of copper
were freely laying on the ground, way back in early pre-columbian indian
days, ... could those copper chunks actually been the remnants of the previous civilization's
power lines?... all recycled under ice and techtonic shifts for ages?

... the oral tales of the indigenous indians freak one's mind out

... in this sunday context, the old old tale from the
northern great lakes, about gods who flew in winged birds, and
shot with firesticks, comes to mind

... the story from ancient times, was an indian brave stole one of the
firesticks from a god.... then many more firestick toting gods arrived in winged birds
... they stayed until the firestick was returned

... that was from a 100 year old book of indigenous indian tales, by
a man named Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, who in the last days of the wild fur trade
in N. America, took the time to ask all elders to come and tell the
tribe's stories, so he could write them down.... before all tribal
traditions and truths were lost

... many of the tales center around the "Happy Days", back when
all tribes lived happily and well off of the land, and the killing of the animal
brothers for food was not needed

... i like the Ox powered farm way of life, as well as the
pre-columbian peruvian foot powered world ... the oxen make
moving loads easy, but then you have that nasty karma of
cutting the balls off of bulls

... i sure hope the gods get here quick

sunday's thought from the great spirit:
... "trying to make it real, compared to what?"
... Les McCaan && Eddie Harris Swiss Movement song lyric


2010 by zentara