the last day

... this morning i awoke with the realization
that this could be the last day of my life

... then I started to ponder what would I want
to do on my last day in material existence?

... would I want to go drinking and partying?
... or visiting with relatives?
... fly to Tahiti?
... beg priests and gurus for more time?

... naw, I figure I would want to prepare my mind
for the transition from 3d reality to infinite d reality

... to ask the Great Spirit to extend it's hand down, and
lift me out of this mudhole as painlessly as possible
... slow and easy, I would request all day to think about it

... then I thought: that would be psychological torture, to let
creatures cower in fear over their own demise

... but maybe there is a lesson in that?

... then, I concluded: i will go insane,
if i think about this all day, so do some
exercising to take your mind off of it

... no sweat, control is returned


2010 by zentara