zen of the final 4

... i turned on the tv after a long abstinence, to watch
the final 4 first round games

... seeing the epitome of humanly incarnated forms,
dancing and wiggling their way to the goal

... cheerleaders and fans screaming "we da best"

... being a dilapidated old man, i really can appreciate
the physical and mental game prowess of all the cats, out
there doing it in real-time... instead of playing it on
video games or gambling on it

... the player gets the real thrillll

... the spectators get this sort of vicarious tribal energy
... its like having a legal mob riot
... its the fantasy that we are better than them

... it makes me think about the value of sport

... we basically are tubs of microbes, surrounded by skin,
and somehow have attained a so-called concious state

... we blobs motivate around, but to do it well, it must become
a practiced autonomous motion..... sport and dancing do that
for people... it helps keep your simple motions, like spinning
or turning, automatic
.... you don't need to think left foot there, slide right

... i know about this, because i almost forgot how to walk, by
sitting in a chair for too long, and had to relearn walking

... also, i see by the same-old tv commercials,
that the powers-that-be still encourage the rat race

... i used to chase that carrot, but now my hips hurt from years
of all the processed fast food i was shown to eat

... so no longer can i drive to the hoop, or climb on a roof

... i can only meditate on memories of falling prey to the very same
testosterone hysteria, when i was young

... watching the tv seems to hurt my vision now, so i seldom watch anymore

.... it gives you a form of tunnel vision... where your eyes
just get used to staring in one spot.... lazy eyes?

... actually, i just can't afford good cable, and broadcast tv is half
commercials anyways.... they should be paying me to watch their brainwashing

... how about advertisers pay us, everytime we see a commercial, or a program
sponsored by them?... that would finally make tv watching worthwhile

... 25 cents for 1 minute of your time .... 9 or 10 of those could buy you
a daily loaf of "eternal fresh whole wheat", ... or an organic corn taco

... or even organic blue corn nachos smothered in melted swiss cheese
made from special cows with fat that humans can't digest, so you
actually lose weight eating it .... oh, the holy grail... eat with no weight gain

... watching tv always made me hungry, but i wonder if it was something to
do with the electromagnetic fields affecting the subnuclear wavelets of my existence?


2010 by zentara