the hobo dreamhouse

... how long can it be, before they start offering
"hobo dreamhouses" in tv commercials?

... you know, with the bad economy
and burgeoning world population?

... ships in 1 ups box to any location

... unfolds and tapes together in minutes

... even a diminished hobo could do it, but
they usually just lay on it as a ground cloth

... that is real freedom, there... just laying on the ground

... the hobo dreamhouse is way better than tents

... first, you don't have to pack them around, you
use them and burn them when you leave... or take them
to a recycling center, so we can turn them into new dreamhouses
for future use

... disposible abodes avoids carrying germs, molds, and other gunk
around with you, as you travel thru this existence

... it would all fold flat for transport... just unpack,
crimp the color coded tabs together, and duck tape

... it reflects heat from the inside trying to get out,
but allows heat from the outside to flow in, so you stay
warm just by your body heat,

... a small candle can also be used for heat, or for the
high-class hobos out there, the special order solar powered
thermoelectric heater/illuminator is available, call for pricing

... all materials are certified bio-degradable within
3 years without sun protection... but solar protective
tarps are easily erected to extend lifetime

... comes in 2 models, wall or dome

... the wall is more functional for storage and internal
space, but the domes are way cooler, if you know what i mean

... fits one fat guy, so can be used by 2 skinny people, or a momma
and baby

... if you cannot afford your own hobo dreamhouse, you may find that
the government will hand out limited numbers of them for free, each
year, as part of their required effort to keep homeland security stockpiles
from going obsolete

... the shelflife of the dreamhouse is 10 years, but longer in cool
dry climates

... see you in one soon


2010 by zentara