i, I, and myself

... what is the difference between the imaginary i,
the big I, and the concept of self?

... the imaginary i, lives in the world of pure human imagination,
a world of fantasy drawings, giant cartesian coordinate views
of earth and the cosmos, and whatever else the imagination creates
in one's mind ... like swirling cyclones of strings in the vibrational
depths of multi-dimensional space

... the imaginary fantasies of one generation, are handed off to the
next, by passing these fantasies on
... in the old days, it was passed down in oral tradition
... now, its the schools and media which keeps the collective dreams going

... like space flight.... it always captures the imagination
... the same with space elevator or time travel

... so the imaginary i is eternal, in the sense that as long as
humans daydream, the dream will be alive

... the big I, is the soul... the eternal part of your being

... it is the part of you which knows that this human life is
a very temporary blip in the eternal

... earth is just a stage we play out on, as the gods test our
souls for integrity

... the soulful I knows perfection, and that is why we long for that perfect world

... the seeking of perfection by the soulful I, stimulates the
imagination of i, a symbiosis of sorts

... the self, is what we choose to identify with

... most often, people chose to identify with their material 3d body,
other times, its the i or I

... it all is so obvious, yet it all makes you wonder, dosn't it?
... who set this all up, and why?


2010 by zentara