making a good lead dog

... since a good dog team is very useful to indigenous man,
i would like to share a secret to making a good lead dog

... not only were they useful in dogsled or dogcart teams,
but they protected the master also, when they acted as a pack,
instead of a team

... a good pack of 20 dogs, all controlled by a lead dog,
who listens to the voice and will of the master

... a dog that exhudes dominance over the others, and communicates
well with the master's world

... here is the secret to making one

... you remove a puppy from its mother, right after birth, and put
it in a warm shoebox ... like warmed with a 60 watt light bulb ,

... also put in a baby bottle full of milk

.... put the box right next to your bed
... look at it like you found a poor orphan pup

... then talk to it, handle it, like it was your own kid

... pretty soon the dog begins to believe it is human, and will
communicate well with the master

... when the dog is introduced to the pack, clearly show
the other dogs that it is numero uno, the master's favorite

... i wonder what that does to the dog's soul?

... back in the old days, it was common for people
to keep a pack of dogs.... they were useful for
bear and skunk deterents, chasing wild animals out of gardens,
intruder detection, and fun on boring days

... i wonder how the gods train us humans?
... and what do they do with those who have a habit
of exercising too much free will?

P.S. hi, neeko
... i do remember you, and I actually saw my middle cyclone


2010 by zentara