joe's humane day care

... i figure about the only thing useful left,
that i can do, is watch little kids, and maybe
teach them how to read

... in pursuit of such, i have come up with a means
of class-control, which is non-invasive, easy to
use, and effective

... it requires each student to wear a vest, which is
radio-linked to the teachers console/laptop

... a dress code: no vest, no school entry

... IF a student becomes disruptive to the classroom
learning environment, all the teacher does is click on
the student in the control panel, and the student will feel
an itchiness all over their skin surface

... great advances in medical database consolidation, allows
us to precisely predict, for each student, where their itchy spot
is, and target them using as little energy as possible

... they alway get the jocks with the athelete's foot
... it tortures them

... students soon learn to sit quietly

... it seems cruel,
but that is the price we pay to train people

... aahhh, at least breathing air is still free


2010 by zentara