the family yurt salesman

... with the intelligence imparted upon me
by my interaction with modern western schooling, i should be able
to come up with a modern yurt design, one that is the
ultimate in natural engineering... easy to assemble,
yet tricky.... its like comparing a geodesic dome to a
matchbox house.

... one done with ropes and the forces of gravity, comes in mind
... freestanding, yet mobile... needs to be anchored against the wind

... the perfect technology level, for yurt building is the old
days of sailing ships... you learn ropes, wind, water,and

... the raw material, depends on where you live... like,
do you have bamboo, or copius quantities of easy to get at rocks or wood posts?

... what extreme weather conditions apply?

... my preliminary design involves getting an old trampoline
frame, propping it up on wood posts for height, then drape
a canvas tarp over it

... a complete trampoline itself could be a safety net, or even
a second floor bedroom. :-)

... but then again, metal tubes were not put into nature by God,
so it could get struck by lightening... bwahaha... all sticking
up in the air there, like a big cosmic lighteningrod

... so maybe a traditional big circle of rope, with a single centerpole,
and sides that lean outward..... yeah thats the ticket for mobility

... if technology wasn't a constraint, i would bend a 60-foot long
tube of black poly water tubing into a ring, hang it, by ropes, balanced with a centerpole, and surface it off with tarps

... all furniture would be made of grommetted canvas and ropes,
sling chairs, sling beds, so you never lay on the ground

... i sleep in a chair now anyways, a sling chair bed
would be sweet, and I could make it myself from canvas duck cloth, grommets,
and rope... I could even use animal hides, if you really wanted to
go B.C.

... they trained me to live like the Jetsons, but I prefer Robinson Cauruso


2010 by zentara