the land of the peruvian kings

... even my fantasies have flaws, like a world of
happy bicycle and pedal cart riders..... which comes under
attack when i realize the level of technology which metal tubes
and ball bearings brings to the table

... i'm seduced by a spirit which says... stay on foot,

Why you might ask?

Because bicycles are not sustainable without great harm to
the world.... because once metal gets loosed from pandora's
box, all hell breaks loose

... gotta keep the world contained to what grows naturally
for best results, according the the planet's operating manual

... it is the world where everything must be
done on foot, or with a pack animal of sorts

... its the land of the peruvian kings

... transportation was done by people hauling
stuff on their backs... like $50 to foot-carry a 150 lb sack
of grain for a few miles down a trail
.... all of us were porters then, man
... nearly everyone walked or jogged the trails just to
get around

... the king had trail runners who would long distance
trail run for hundreds of miles, to bring him fresh fish
from the ocean down below

... bicycle riding is alot easier on the body, especially when
it comes to hauling things around....
... 50 lbs on your rear rack is alot easier than 50 lbs on your back

... but the simplicity of a world of foot power, is tantalizing

... which path to take? walkin? rollin?

wheel or no wheel, that is the question
whether tis nobler to put your load onto the back
of a hapless pack animal or,
with brave of heart,
put the load on a wheel and pull it behind yourself

... what would a peruvian king do?


2010 by zentara