overheard at the god's and goddesses conference

. god_1 from galactic control central:
...the feedback loop goes like this, as the earth warms,
more water gets put into the air, and it leaks off
into space due to the solar wind,
and the earth bleeds water off into space

... it took eons of time to collect all that water,
so to stop loss and to correct the other web of life imbalances,
the 4 dimensions that control how hot the sun burns, will
be adjusted down, so that the sun will cool enough
so that the water will retake the form of planetary ice

... its a feedback loop automatically built into the nature
of the material world.... designed to protect the water
and web of life.... water is life for humans... but they tend
to forget that

. god_2 from mars:
... yeah, I remember when that happened here

. earth_goddess:
... what shall I do?

. god_1 from galactic control central:
... be prepared... multi-year backups on grain storage,
storm proof housing... psychological preparedness
... finding ways of keeping water clean and available

. earth_goddess:
... sh*t

... I, who overheard this, snuck out the backdoor.


2010 by zentara