the end of being snowbound

... we tend to forget that the natural order
dictates that there are times when creatures
are not to move about too much

... for instance, where would you have been during
the recent snowstorms, if it wasn't for snowplows?

.... only the dogsleds would be running, and the teams
would soon tire of keeping the paths packed down
... the dogs will run themselves to their death
to serve their master.... thats why dogs are so cool
and why we have a great affinity for them
... they love their masters, and we can see it in their eyes

... but back to the snowbound condition, :-)

... you, stuck at home, making bread and soup, hoping
your supplies hold out, until the next break in the
storm, so you could get out to the well for a few
buckets of water

... after a few days, the men will get tired of
shoveling the paths, and everyone just stays inside
playing games and telling stories

... but that all ended a few days ago, when I saw
the first few flocks of geese, heading from the
SE to the NW

... and the snow suddenly vanished, the cyclic forces of nature
have a spooky way about them

... like when, .... banish the thought

... the tornado season is approaching, and I wonder
what effect the El Nino weather pattern, may have
on it?

... I live in a basement now, but if I were camping out in
dangerous territory, wind-wise, I would start thinking
about making a small storm shelter, like the old kansas
wheat farmers had, to protect dorothy from Oz.

... but to protect from shear winds as well

... the wind is alive... I know it sounds
crazy, but I do believe it is just a higher creature
than us, doing the will of the cosmos
... ultimately, earth weather is controlled from deep
intergalactic space, which controls the sun, and the sun,
controls our weather

... so the question really is:
what is going on in deep intergalactic space, at the
dimensional level?

... it makes me want to sleep


2010 by zentara