why worry?

... why worry so much, over the mere mortal existence,
as we humans get out of the deal we call life?

... most assurredly we all die here on earth,
unless someone is keeping a big secret from me, somewhere,

... the older you get, the more you realize the world
actually is a stage... and you play
out in the eternal act of existence, with a short role
here in the beautiful 3d material world of water and air and soil
... ownership becomes meaningless, why care?... you can't
take it with you, you only take your honor as a soul,
as you emerge into the totally surfaced world of the
eternal all.

... so remember, in all actions ( and hopefully thoughts as well ),
do what you want to be remembered as throughout eternity

... just knowing that, will bring you luck

... trying to understand that, will bring you intelligence


2010 by zentara