God is not dead, never was

... i remember back in the 1960's when the infamous "God is dead"
rant was started by a bunch of european thinkers... it must have been
a reaction in the mass psychology, in the aftermath of
world war 2, and the then existing cold war

... at the time, there were 2 contexts to take it in

... context 1: some sort of communist propaganda to reduce
faith in the Christian West... cold war, psychological warfare
... in other words, screw the popes and archbishops,
and their political allies because there is no God person

... context 2: the actual controlling force in the universe
stopped functioning... and that is a scary thought

... when i was young, and full of the sexual guilt trip western
christianity puts on everyone, context 1 seemed to be the way to go
... its an easy way to ditch all your guilt, just by kicking out the
civilization's psychological basis, right out from under it

... now, when i'm older, i see it in terms of context 2, the controlling
force in the universe is gone, and we are stuck out here on this
precarious rock we call earth... and history teaches us species don't
last long

... i heard a news report that the dinosaurs where around from
(245 bc to 65 bc), around 180 million years

... we, on the otherhand have only been around for a peasily 500,000 years
... not long at all, and it looks like we are self-destructing in
the planetary ecosystem

... what's a soul to do ... hmmm... what is a soul to do?

... its pretty obvious if you stick around on earth, there
will be great tragedies here, but the choice is your own, your soul's choice

... where else is there to go?... that gets back to the part about
God not being dead.... some just choose to ignore the dimension in which
the conciousness of God resides, it dosn't mean the dimension
has ceased to exist and function... each needs to rediscover it.

... so there it is, the clarion call warning to all souls

... evacuate your soul from earth before the next ice age or
or other cataclysm hits
... it is not as far off as you think, and it's the sun that
will just turn down the heat a few notches... and give us all
a long rest

... do you think it is possible, that if some advanced civilization
was on earth, at the time of the dinosuars?, they could still exist even to
this day?... surviving thru the last, if not multiple, ice ages

... underwater ufo jockies, who liked vacationing and living off of dinosaur meat. :-)

... my intuition says yes, and they are well hidden under the ocean
... as well we might be one day, in this self-fullfilling prophecy

... get your soul back to wherever it thinks heaven is


2010 by zentara