the jump to 4-space

... as i try to define big boundaries in my life's path,
those big dividing moments, where nothing
is ever the same afterwards

... it occurs to me that the biggest divide is crossed
when your mind shifts from 3-d space, with a linear flow
time axis... up to a pure 4-d space, where time is a full-featured
dimension... maybe not fully infinite in extent, but at least
one can move back and forth thru it, with a suitable instrument

... then you see planets, solar systems, galaxies and beyond
as spinning waves... giant collectives of matter-connected energies
stretching like cables across the space-time material universe, from past
to future

... we on earth, are just one teensy little part of it all, swirling
around in our standing wave, which we call the present on earth

... what connects all of this is conciousness, the very same conciousness
which you use to comprehend this message

... conciousness itself is a dimension of the cosmos.... the great dimension
... conciousness goes on after our material bodies die... that is
a great gift from God, eternal life

... if i was given the choice, to live in the world of the
imaginary pure energy, or exist in the material world, which is
full of disease, decay, old age, death and destruction... i choose
the pure energy world

... the material world has its pleasures while you are young, like
the feelings the sensory organs deliver, while discovering the world

... but eventually it becomes boring, because it has no real magic
beyond the tiny little time span, which we call our days on earth

... in the pure energy world, everything is magic.... and i do like to daydream
on that fact, on sunny cold early spring days


2010 by zentara