at the galactic level

... as my conciousness tries to escape
the confines of the human condition

... i see we were all given second chances in life at the
old adam and eve "original sin" divergence from the path

... we cursed adam and eve for getting us kicked out of heaven,
but now as we all are given second chances to redeem ourselves,
and get back onto the path, almost everyone makes the same mistake,
just like old a & e

... it is the big choice you make in life, like will
i be a beggar monk, a hobo, or whatever it takes to
get back onto the path?... or is needing something
a prerequisite to your existence?

... does your soul have the overwhelming desire and drive to
contemplate leaving earth, and furthermore, would you behave
if let back into eden?... or would you descend back down voluntarily,
like a mountain climber, who can't handle the altitude?

... that is the soul communicating with the higher conciousness
in eternal existence... its a test, a very important test

... they need to test to see if your next incarnation can handle
the spirit altitude

... conciousness is flowing thru our bodies, down to the tiniest
particle or wavelet... possibly at some wavlet level, we are observing
the concious dimension itself, like on a psychic oscilloscope

... conciousness is not bound by time... so we can see past and future paths

... so what do you think about that?
... you have some conciousness in you,
or you wouldn't be able to comprehend this rambling
... you would be like an animal, unless you aspire higher


2010 by zentara