the health care stalemate

... the hmo's are like a bunch of sharks circling around
our existences, looking for ways to take bites out of us,
chewing on your flesh, in order to make their own existences sweeter

... what is wrong with the concept of setting up a
government owned corporation for health care, dedicated
to the PUBLIC interest..... meaning low cost and clean.

... run by elected officials, with all
proceedings of the board on CSPAN. video taped

... the board would give out contracts to the existing
healthcare people, to perform basic health care needs
to the community... at the lowest cost possible
... even help sponsor "MASH" units, where doctors
travel around the country setting up tent clinics,
for a few weeks

... i mean, come on, putting a bandage on someone is not
worth $500.

... the healthcorp_in_the_public_interest could also
train ordinary people in the basics of setting bones,
patching bullet holes, and these types of medics can
do probably 90% of everything.
... the private hmo's can still sell their private plans
to people, so free enterprise is maintained
... it's just that all those medicaid and medicare contracts
will have to in line with what the federal budget can withstand
... triage lists have to be setup

... due to my personal beliefs now,
i wouldn't even want any treatment or injections of any kind.
So for me, politics makes strange bedfellows.... i oppose
health care because I do not want health insurance... i will
pay cash for whatever broken limb, stitches, or tooth extraction
i may, or may not, need.
... and if i'm indigent and can't pay for it,
that is where the government plan comes in....
surely the nation, can afford the setting broken bones,
stitches and tooth extractions for the few without private plans?

... otherwise, we must patch ourselves with duct tape, paper towels,
and hydrogen peroxide

... hospitals and clinics are often contaminations zones anyways
... it's best to avoid them

... and if it's something worse, just give me a place to sit
until i die
... the reason is i feel a form of slavery-thru-caused-sickness
coming on into this civilization... and when it does, it may
mean the end of all... the antichrist will rule all thru medical care

... its a constant stream of new remedies, pushed onto the
public, followed in a few years by lawyers who will get
money for you, due to damage you've incurred, by taking the stuff

... the vaccines probably are safe in the sense they don't kill you,
but it's the unknown dangers we face, in time, what effect could
they have on the immune system?
... are there some markers left missing in the immune system, that
may trip ( or not trip) some gentic flag?
... i shuddered when i heard that getting vaccinated for some
earlier flu strain, actually mada people more susceptible
to the swine flu

... i can just see the lawyers ads on tv: has your
doctor told you are now suffering from some_d*mb_flu,
due to repeated reliance on vaccines as a child?

... or more likely, you will be on daily injections or pills,
just be able to live.... and this invisible entity controlling your life,
called an hmo, is who gives you your daily drug.... its your master

... those that fail to learn the lessons of history, are
what?... destined to repeat it

... so there is no reason why a corporation-in-the-public-interest
cannot be setup by the current leaders, independent of the opposition,
and it will pay out medicare and medicaid on a cost reduced basis to
the current batch of sharks out there, who like making a living
off of other people's suffering

... i'm glad i'm an old man, who has gotten my good years in,
because i would rather die a homeless bum on the street, than
be forced into buying insurance from a private hmo... who no doubt,
eventually will carve me up for body parts when i die, to pay for
their medical treatments of brainwashing and sedating me


2010 by zentara