New Deal 1.9 alpha

... it feels very cold out today, need more saturated fats
to stoke the internal fires

... it makes me think, about how rough it can be to
be stranded homeless in the winter

... was thinking about a decent vision for the future
... like a New Deal 2.0,
something to keep me warm in the winter, and cool in the summer
... something to talk about

... so how about a nuclear powered electric train system
eventually connecting all of N. America ... and fiberoptic
cable system into every home and business

... then, we could just close the schools, except for
once weekly gatherings at some facility, and have virtual classrooms

... kids could stay at home, and do their schoolwork
independently, or in mutually agreed upon sets of friends

... teachers would know the student is there, by a camera
that the student needs to sit in front of.... the teacher
could look at a screen, and see each student on individual live
camera links

... all made possible by the increased bandwidth of the new type
of cable available

... who would pay for this train and cable system? ... ultimately
the government ends up financing and owning it... then it is
run as a corporation-in-the-public-interest

... it would give jobs to many people who just need to earn a living

... you would need a wide range of people, from janitors to scientists

... the school and transportation situation is just getting out of control,
and short of putting police in the classrooms, there is no way you can
teach anything worthwhile, even if there are a few who want to learn

... there is just too much classroom disruption,
and a threat-laden environment... i wouldn't want to be
a teacher in american public schools

... we could turn the unused schools into old folks homes, where
the coming surge of aged baby boomers will end up

... we also have to start working on the basic local transportation
system... we cannot keep burning air... eventually the switch
will have to be made to electric vehicles of all sorts

... personally, i would like to see electric bikes, and trikes become
the normal mode of transport

... additionally, my vision has a city-wide grid of electric
cable-car-style trolly-trains, which have roll-up on platforms, so bikers
can just ride up, grab onto a handrail, to take their bikes with them

... fares would be collected via somesort of electronic chip, maybe
even off your cell phone

... little GPS-guided robot-driven electric carts would become the taxi
and delivery services, bringing your grocery right to your door.
They go slow, so they are safe, unless you are dumb. Cameras are everywhere outside.

... life would be alot slower, and people could stay home
... a lower stress world.... close things down when it snows,
let people stay home a day or 2

... and since such a big system, may have the improper appearance
of enslaving its workers into a homer simpson like existence
... there is a safety net of everyone gets 50 lb sacks of grains and
beans and much as you can eat... make your own fresh bread
... grow sprouts and gardens, so you don't need to shop much you don't have to work if you don't want
... everyone gets their cup of soup

.... artists, monks, and intellectuals can
exist and pursue their endeavors, without having to be subservient to the man
... but at the cost of a rugged cold existence

... kids who don't sit and do their schoolwork, get funneled into
manual labor... just like the old days

.... yeah, i'm just dreaming away....on a cold intense morning in
the doldrums of February


2010 by zentara