quiet after the storm

... the first decent snow storm we've had all winter

... the local outdoor cat was out... with it's really
fluffed up winter coat

... i thought: its good to see you cat, is your life going well?
... it responded: yeah
... i replied: is there anything i can do for you cat?, like
leave out some food?
... it replied: keep feeding the birds

... i thought: the cat likes hunting the birds, more than
just being handed food... thats a real sporting cat... or
just bored out of its mind

... or maybe the cat knows that the best food is the bird?
... or maybe nature sets it up that way, so that the hunter
always karmically desires that which does its prey the most good.

... or all of the above at the same time

... i don't know, but it really toughens you up, to shovel
snow on a daily schedule

... i used to shovel horse stalls, now i just shovel ****

... now what might **** be? sh*t? soul? luck? star? blue? ????

... its all about context, words are like big interlocking circles,
linked into phrases.... each word can spin around, and change context
by a subtle definition change, and consequently alter the context of
the entire phrase

... then i thought: cats think much simpler than us, who is luckier?


2010 by zentara