St. Augustine's City of God, version 2.0

... it boggles the mind to remember, than not more than
a thousand years ago, people were arguing about how many
angels can fit on the head of a pin?

... then it further boggles to consider the fact, that
this generation of people is responsible
for setting up systems worldwide, that will enable people
to survive, en masse, in the aftermath of the population explosion

... we will be the ones deciding what the future is like
for people being born into the earth zone

... its as if our collective souls are on the line,
we being judged by some invisible higher power than us

... it isn't easy thinking like an emperor, who sees things
in a multi-generation context, but without one, the
mass conciousness is the emperor's replacement

... how are we going to charge all the electric vehicles?
and keep houses cool and warm?

... how we going to grow food that keeps people healthy
and out of the hospitals

... so we need to come up with a plan, for the fabled
City of God, so we can leave the current batch of kids
with a plan, and as vision

... otherwise, we fail collectively


2010 by zentara