karma of the little black dog

... this is a true tale

... once, when i was in the florida keys, i decided
to walk the highway from Big Pine Key to Key West

... along the way, on the fast 4 lane highway over
the ocean, a little black puppy dog came trotting up
wagging it's tale... wanting me to be it's master
... cars whizzing by it's innocent little body, totally
oblivious to their danger

... i had no facilities, being a vagabond, not even a string
to tie it up along the roadside

... i wasn't going to pick it and carry it either, it might
have ticks, worms, and sh*t on it

... so after trying unsuccesfully to scare it away from me,
i just kept walking as if it didn't exist

... it kept following behind... until some car ran it over at 60 mph

... what was i to do? i felt some sort of cosmic guilt
over it, like it was a betrayal of the trust living beings
need to put in one another

... now this is the weird part

... about 10 years later, i was walking with friends
on a railroad track in the countryside of michigan

... on the way back, there is a little black dog hopelessly
stranded in a mudhole, looking exhausted

... so after we got home, i thought i will go back
out onto the tracks and pull that dog out of the muck,
as a way of making up for seeing that first dog die

... i get back to the mudhole, and the dog is gone.

... perplexed i turned around on the tracks, and was hit
with the spotlight of an oncoming freight train

... it didn't worry me, because it looked so far away and was silent

... but they come up on you faster than you think, and i was
forced to jump down a 9 foot cliff into tall grass

... i was within seconds of being pulverized

... and i just thought about those 2 dogs,
what kind of soul can do that, being dogs thru time
and what karmic lesson does that impart?


2010 by zentara