the nukes

... down from the heavens, and back to reality

... even though i am an old back-to-the-land hippy type,
i do like the new nukes announcement, no protest from me

... my first thought was "oh boy, we will finally be able to power
one cross-country electric train, without paying for foreign oil"

... think about it, it's like a giant lionel train set
... you need a power supply and electrified tracks
... you assemble tracks anyway you want.
... it dosn't have to be fast, actually slower is safer
... the need for speed causes people to bleed

... with nuke powered trains, even if the oil stopped flowing,
we would have a way to transfer goods and services from West
to East or North to South

... have no doubt, the end of oil for transportation
is coming fast... this last bit of price turmoil was
just the last warning we get

... we need to unyoke ourselves from the wagon of foreign oil
... its bringing way too much bad karma our way

... we need to have full control over the transportation
energy supplies which we use for internal survival
purposes, like moving grain and emergencies supplies around

... i would like seeing fully electric trains between Florida
and Michigan, New York to Los Angeles, and Seattle to Buffalo

... if each one had a nuke built nearby, it could power all our
transports, without paying cash out to foreigners

... we probably wouldn't need massive nuclear power, if the population
was lower, but there isn't much chance of turning back now

... if i were government regulators, i would write into
their licensing agreements that in case of national emergency,
the plants can be operated to power the trains and fulfill emergency
uses as deemed needed by the government appointed leader

... after all, the public is taking quite a risk building and
living amoung the plants... so the public interest should be

... i mean, if they want to build nukes, without holding
the public interest as paramount, then maybe they shouldn't build?


2010 by zentara