may the best God win

... the paranoia is in the news again

... both sides claim God is on their side

... your life may be on the line... that wood
smoke or exhaust you smell may be laced with viruses or
chemicals designed to harm or enslave

... so you best think about it, smarter and
richer people than me have

... yeah, the next one in my estimation, will be a few guys
burning fires in some big city, releasing gazillions of
one thing or another.... drifting for blocks on smoke particles

... what are our options?

... on the one hand, a primitive clean way of life,
but in the slow lane... one powered wagon trip per month to the store,
otherwise you must be self powered... the way God intended
... people live on homemade bread and bean sprout soup

... then on the other, a space age wild eyed civilzation,
spinning rubber tires until they smoke... squashing
the horror being caused by the endocrine system disruptors
found in plastics and cosmetics

.... did you know that your male boys are quite possibly sterile already?
... or well on their way to it? ... and who knows what it does to girls?

... so, if you were asked to plead our case before God,
what would you say to God to try to ensure our victory?

... i have a hard time justifying the rat race we are creating
... God does too

... God promised us all we would die, and that is actually a gift to us,
because the future is not looking too promising for the age of kali yuga

... all the religions teach, always be prepared for transition
back into the other world .... and in this fast paced world
the cause can be anywhere, anytime...even right down the street

... maybe the male sterility crisis hitting the planet is already God's ruling?
... it always makes me cynically laugh, that our teachers instructed
us that the downfall of Rome was partially caused by lead in the water pipes,
and that we are far smarter now

... yet we find ourselves doing a slow self-genocide with plastics and cosmetics


2010 by zentara