is the rapture occurring right now?

... as i envisioned the Augustinian angels before each of us
... and the great belief in salvation from the other world
... it dawned on me that the christian rapture, may be occurring right now

... the thing is, we don't see time properly as humans
... the rapture may occur over an epoch of time... on God time
... it is each of us, at our time of death, being raptured back

... it seems that an angel is assigned to each of us at entry into this world
... the angel decides where you exit, in accordance with
the laws of free will
... as long as you are thinking thoughts, you have a claim before God
... stay alive as long as you naturally can

... so maybe the Rapture is occurring right now, but it's effects
are spread out over time from our vantage point

... all our ancestors are already raptured back
into the great mind of the cosmos, heaven, or wherever you like to ponder

... God laughs, and thinks its not hopeless

... He thinks, what are those goofballs still doing down there?


2010 by zentara