seeing with your ears

... if you were to somehow lose your eyesight
and needed to start seeing with some other
sense... it would probably be your ears

... we would become like passive bats, listening
for subtle changes in volume, echo, and subtones

... in a similar way, just bumping it up 1 dimensional
level, we too are blind to the invisible world around us

.... we seek sensory inputs to validate the
correctness of our thoughts and dreams, regarding
what the invisible world really looks like, even though
our eyes can't see it

... so what is the way for humans to see the
invisible world, if it even exists?
... i assert it does exist, just by the fact
that sub-particle physics now considers it real;
... and no one yet can explain the flow of Time

... in my zen reality, i call it the event_sequence processor

... we see in our memories and akashic records, sequences
of events, which to the trained observer of life, are
messages from the invisible world
... what kind of messages?... lessons about life itself
and the screwed up world we are creating

... we have builtin bat-like sensors to help us along
... we produce thoughts, which emit out into the world around us
... and we wait for events to signal an answer back to us

... we all see this stuff .... collectively, its called intuition


2010 by zentara