you have to leave them with hope

... i just had the thought:
if i was to leave something behind for humanity, at my
passing from earth, what would it be?

... i came to: leave them with hope

... my life has been seemingly hopeless all along, so
i must have alot to leave behind :-)

... hope for what?
... hope for all the overbred, overfed, overpaid, and
over_whatever out there, that maybe they can create a great
earthwide Atlantis-style advanced civilization, before a catastrophic
death spiral occurs in the ecosphere

...and that even though we are destroying the prevailing ecosystem
at a catastrophic rate, somehow the collective intelligence of the human
race as a species will prevail

... and humanity survives indefinitely, into a brave new world

... so what goal and level of technology would we actually need to do it?

... my hopeful vision for the workers of earth:
... i see the space tether, and the floating city in the sky

... when and how, i do not know, maybe my vision isn't even of earth?
... or maybe a different time-epoch on earth?

... ergo, the caveat to hope is that it comes with doubts
... or else you become a true believer, which is unbalanced

... and unbalanced is not good in most circumstances, especially where
alot of mass and energy are involved

... life itself has an unbalanced ying-yang interplay
... each of us, has an unbalanced majority of either ying or yang
... so to truly balance out, we seek to pair up, and our
wobbles cancel each other out.... a dualistic balance


2010 by zentara