the abortion issue

... its a tough psychological issue to
deal with, in the modern mind, but i will try to make an analysis

... first, i'm a childless old man, whose life has
just been a series of unsucessful attempts at finding
a lifemate, and having the resulting offspring
... all failures

... so i will pass out of this world, without the satisfaction
of knowing my DNA was passed on, and the next generation carries the torch
of humanity forward

... i go, i'm gone.... to some other world... no choice
... so i think this forced detachment greatly influences my view on this issue

... so what about the souls who stay, or who so believe
in the goodness of the collective human race, that they
desire to come back, knowing the suffering, lies, and injustice
that exists here in this time-epoch on earth

... first off, my insight into things tells me that souls
are like in a waiting room, to enter as humans into earth

... in nature, many miscarriages occur naturally, so many
souls are naturally rejected by the earth as unfit, at that time
... and those miscarriages simply return their souls to the waiting room

... and in nature, there are probably many ways to naturally
induce an abortion, like perhaps just sitting in cold lakes... so the
modern concept of using a pill like RU486 seems perfectly normal

... if the parents, especially the mother, just get the overwhelming
feeling that its a bad incarnation... then they should be free
to use that method.... that gives them a few weeks to decide

... i feel squeamish about any kind of surgical procedure, so
personally i would not like to see surguries done, especially on public
dollars.... but people should have the right to choose it as an option

... sure, later term miscarriages occur similar to a late term abortion,
but at that point, i think it becomes a matter of pain to the fetus

... it sure makes me feel squeamish considering this topic, but
as the world becomes an overcrowded collection of class-warfare zones,
we owe it to the souls coming in, that we can promise them a good trip
here on earth

... and not just produce souls who will end up on the streets in misery

... we owe it to them to abort their entry

... you can preach abstinence, but it won't work, because like they
say in the movies:
sometimes bodies just want to come together
... i understand it's the pheronomes... but even i am affected,
and it is remarkable that our concious minds can be forcably
driven to mate.... even at our collective peril


2010 by zentara