an honest game

... coincident y's, matched up like wolf packs, fighting for terriorial rights

... so the victors, and their packs, can live off of the bounty of the territory

... and what a territory it is

.... winners get the ability to control much of the
thoughts into the future... as adulations and salutations greet the
winners... and propel them faster forward... i.e. cash_flow++
and free beer at public bars

... but, there is a God above, judging the truthfulness of all,
whatever that implies to you... so to each, your own self be true

... hopefully, the karma of each individual of both teams, plays out in
a great psychodrama of towering will power, on the organic green turf

... God decrees let them fight for victory, and let the outcome be truthful

... hopefully, that will hold true in all aspects of our lives


2010 by zentara