the least common denominator

... what is the least common denominator in life?

... to me, it's the question of whether there is anything
else besides this material world
... something beyond us, invisible yet real, which we attain to

... what more primary distinction can one make besides REAL vs nonREAL?

... all things in life seem to center around it

... REAL are those breathable/non-breathable bright/dim cold/hot
hungry/fed happy/sad up/down thoughts which you are experiencing
at this illusory moment in time

... everything else is IMAGINARY

... somethings you can count on, like the sun rising every morning,
or the moon coming around 12 times a year

... alot of things you can predict based on knowledge ... like
snow and ice can occur in winter .... everyone knows that, right?
... so that is still REAL, or only a few predictable days away from your reality

... but what about just a tiny change in the "snow and ice in the winter" thought?

... a tiny change, but it will instantly send you off into IMAGINARY

... like how about "snow and ice in the summer"?... that makes you
really wonder how could it possibly be?

... 3 possible ways:

1. think of it happening in the Southern Hemisphere,
2. global climate change brings it
3. a temporary weird anomaly in normal weather patterns,
all explained by statistics

... thinking about number 2, the climate change cause, will have you
in your IMAGINARY thought mode all day, which hopefully will evoke feelings
of warm pleasant breezes

... the IMAGINARY i comes to mind in a poetic way, it's context can be set a few ways

primarily it's the mathematical imaginary i, which is the mind-boggling square root of negative 1,

or it could be the psychic third eye,

or possibly the essence of your identity...the soul... the i

... the soul is the small i, as opposed to the big I, the ego

... the big I implies that you compete with God, the small i knows the truth

... can you handle the truth?


2010 by zentara