the zen of us and them, its all binary

... somehow, probably due to the ying-yang dualistic nature
of the universe, a separation is built into all
aspects of our reality

... ( 1,0 )( inside, outside )( ego, the external world )
( male,female )( strong, weak )( flexible, brittle )( rich ,poor )( healthy ,sick)
( alive, dead ).... it all makes a big circle

... from my own perspective, i ask, why is it us vs. them all the time?
... why not just see it as a big flow in the cosmic river of event sequences?
... where most see a higher spirit creature in their world

... first and foremost, who are us and who are them?
... who defines them, how do you make the distinction?
... it's tv for most of us

... in trying to answer, my first concern is how does it impact my position with God?

... then unavoidably, it seems that there is an us and them,
in almost all of our daily events and thoughts.... how else could it be?

... even if you have the thought all of earth
it auto-evokes the thought of out-there somewhere, not on earth
... it creates an automatic distinction

... only one word evokes it all ... Om ... it will send you
into a transcendental trance, because the brain cannot handle
the thoughts of non-distinction... all you see is oneness
... and you are in a state of awe

.... the concept that something distinquishes us from the
rest of the cosmos is our basic reality

.... the snake mind... just inching along,
looking for food, water, and shelter;
but mostly worrying about how each breathe we take,
could be our last.... so the snake is vigilant

... so if we deceived ourselves,
and find that the us vs. them conceptualizations are false,
then what is going on on this planet?

... who is fostering the divisions of all kinds in the world?

... not to belabor it as a cliche, but like pogo said:
we have met the enemy, and it is us

... and yet worse, God dosn't seem to want the planet as a whole,
so we are left flying on our rock, around this big fire
we call the sun, which will burn out relatively soon

... it seems God is saving souls one at a time, but you have to ask
for it.... God won't remove you from this rock, if you want to stay

... i wonder, where will the survivors go?, if it ever happens?

... and what is the it that is supposed to happen?
... for lack of better words, spaceship earth will be crashing
... i wonder where the survivors will go?

...still, yet, somehow, ever-hopeful, take a breathe, i look for the light
and hope the space-time distance of the crash is far from my space-time locale
... the snake brain dosn't concern itself with such logical absurdities
... the basic distinction still is survival, and to hope to somehow survive,
as my snake brain inches along


2010 by zentara