the donner dinner party

... saw the documentary on the donner party, its too evil
to go into detail, but it involved cannabilism.... way more
profane than any porn out there

... i was trying to empathize with the horror of their
suffering... then i realized that humans are still
cannabilizing each other, but in different ways

... i thought how we all are at a psychic donner party,
... we, a bunch of families, all stranded on earth,
without magical powers, and we all hope they will send
help from either earth or heaven, or we are doomed

... we throw mean evil looks at each other, taking
big bites out of each other's happiness, by stealing brain
time, used to devise plots of revenge, or just luxuriating
in thoughts of making others unhappy

... we throw toxins at each other, we are in a great mess

... we glorify economically stomping on other families, refering
to it as getting ahead

... but... just like at the failed donner dinner, help came
back, if only they had endured longer

... and who are the hero's who came back with the help?

... mankind has a collective set of such heroes, who
live eternally and seem to return from time to time,
to help as many souls get back to the magic world

... christ, krishna... ever notice the similarity in sounds
of those names?

... it's funny how help really comes to you... it is in a mystical
world of distorted space-time, which the material world trains
one not to see

... i must report to the reader (if any ) that i believe now that
space-time events are sort of bubbles in the cosmic flow, and that
they can signal their occurence through thought space, well ahead
of their arrival in your material information space
... funny little premonitions occur when you start peering into
the true nature of the space-time flow

... is this little writing a premonition of something?
... i don't know, but i'll be thinking about it all day


2010 by zentara