declaration of earthman rights

... this whole thing on haiti, has impacted me
in an way unexpected

...on the full moon, i actually layed down, and pleaded for the angel of death
to come and pick me up in my nighttime dreams, it was all too painful
to consider going on living as an earthman

... all caused by an excruciating toe injury, which i incurred doing
tai chi on a cold cold morning on a stone cold cement floor

... i layed there, fulling expecting to die in the night, or not be
able to move in the morning.... my left leg, felt like my foot was
ripped off above the ankle

.... then it dawned on me, it was the empathetic connection with some crushed victim, alone waiting to die

... did the angel of death take me?... naw, it checked me out,
and said it was not my time, so i woke up for another day,... this day

... it made me think of the karmic position many souls are
facing... like what is the right of a human as an existee on planet
earth, and what is greed and the desire for material things doing to us all,
.... all the glitter and gold

... the greed-karma comes into play from the original
colonizers, and slave traders who thought they could create
happiness in Europe, at the expense of introducing the
concept of slavery.... where you are forced to work at the
point of a weapon... a deal made with the devil by the people
in the slave business

... i realize there is always 2 sides to a view of the
karma of something.... and the bigger the front, the bigger the back (thanks Mr. Oshawa)
... so maybe those souls who were enslaved, actually needed to pay off
the karmic debt of they themselves being previously
incarnated as the slave drivers... or some other ghastly spiritual crime

... or could they possibly be the souls sent by God to be pioneers for their
genome types, in the new world.... possibly God wanted their seed and eggs in the
new world, and they wern't gonna get there by themslves in dug-out canoes

.... many great gifted people are a direct result of that african export
.... time reveals the truth eventually, the flip side of the karma manifests itself
.... it must

... so who really knows why, except God ?

...there is no way we can figure out the way God works in reincarnating people
... all we know is that this is the way God allowed it to happen

... if i recall my history correctly, most the slaves were
the losers in early tribal warfare in the african continent
... it was getting overpopulated, and inter-tribal territorial
conflicts produced alot of prisoners of war.... and they
were sold to eager europeans as slaves... and then of course,
it all got out of hand

... my own white ancestors were just the rejects from europe,
who came to america and were subject to the economic slavery of
the capitalist system
... but it wasn't at the point of a weapon, that they came
... it was getting overcrowded there ... once again overpopulation
.... too much f*cking without birth control of one sort or another

... there is only 1 conclusion so far: slavery is evil
... how it continues is almost beyond comprehension

... so could we agree on 1 thing in our declaration: no slavery for earthmen
( but earthmen can still enslave animals... at your own karmic peril )

... now slavery can take many forms:
gun-point, economic, spiritual, nationalistic, chemical, sexual, all of the above

... the pressure of staying safe and alive should be taken
off of people, so that they can enjoy life and being alive
... if you want more than that out of life, it's your personal karma
... people should have the right to stay home and take naps, if it is not
in their interest to venture out

... so how about: everyone should have fresh water to drink,
a safe place to cook their grain and beans,
and children should be able to play outside without concern for their safety

... yeah, i know, it will never happen for the entire planet,
unless it is shaken to the ground :-(

... the slavery i most worry about, is what would occur if
a group decided to start controlling the masses
by inducing painful diseases in them thru food or water, and getting them hooked on
concoctions to make the pain go away.... and the concoctions
can only be had by working at your assigned job, and doing what you are told to do

.... it seems like enduring the pain is what life is all about in
this day and age... there is very little joy in the world anymore,
it's just us all slapping each other on the backs, proclaiming our own greatness,
as we destroy the earth's original ecosystem

.... and finally, what might be the obligation of the free earthman?...
don't overpopulate the planet


2010 by zentara